The list of sites and apps below are examples of some of the great projects I've been lucky enough to work on over the past 6 years of my career. Each project's technology stack is listed with a link to the site if applicable, or to the mobile stores for apps. Thank you for checking out my work, and feel free to contact me at the bottom of this page!


Red Hat is the marketing branch website for Red Hat, a multinational software company that provides open source software products to the enterprise community. Built on top of Drupal 8, utilizes a variety of leading edge front-end technologies, with a heavy focus on a universal design system for all of Red Hat's domains.



Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts 11 resort sites, termed "Freeride", is the core of Vail Resorts online marketing and ticketing. In 2016, Vail began a full redesign of all 11 sites, moving to a responsive site to capture mobile audiences. Built on top of .NET MVC with a Sitecore driven CMS, the site allows for marketing-driven content creation while maintaining style guidelines.



Vail Resorts

The EpicPass site was phase 2 of the Vail Resorts marketing sites redesign. Built on top of .NET MVC with a Sitecore driven CMS, the site allows for marketing-driven content creation while maintaining style guidelines.


EpicMix Time

Vail Resorts

In 2012, Vail focused on releasing an app for on-mountain tracking and activities. Various features have been added to the app over the last few years, and in 2016 my team was tasked with adding EpicMix Time, a service that showed lift-line wait times and on-mountain GPS. Working in both native Android and iOS, the EpicMix team released for the 2015-2016 season.



Postly, LLC

Postly is a social media and sharing application which was started in 2015. In 2016, I began contract work with Postly helping implement new features and resolve issues. During that time, I implemented several major features, including "Discovery", an interactive news addition to the app. Postly uses Cordova to work on both iOS and Android from a single code-base, a Backbone.js front-end with a RoR API.


AxS Health

AxS Health, LLC

AxS is a start-up application that consists of both a provider side, administrative management system and a client side mobile app aimed at providing doctors offices with patient and form management. Started in 2015, I have helped implement new features both client side and admin side, working with a small remote team based throughout the nation.


Data Connect Site

Data Connect

Data Connect was a small company specializing in tradeshow marketing and registration. While working with Data Connect, I built a variety of sites for different clients, each customized to meet the needs of each client for their tradeshow. While there, I was also tasked with helping rebuilt Data Connects main website. The site is a custom template built in JSON-T to work with SquareSpace, so it could be maintained by the marketing department.


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